10 Creepiest Towns In America That Will Give You Chills!

From a desolate California town full of ghosts to the most terrifying place in all of Alaska, here are 10 of the creepiest towns in America. Maybe you’ve even been to one!

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10: Calico, California
There are a lot of freaky ghost towns scattered across America, and Calico is one of the creepiest. It’s arguably the best experience you can have in a real ghost town from way back in the 1800s.

9: Rhyolite, Nevada
The old ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada, is definitely creepy. Some of the original town buildings still stand, although they are nothing more than crumbling ruins at this point. And while the town itself can be a little spooky at night, the main attraction here in terms of creepiness is the cemetery.

8: Cahawba, Alabama
Cahawba was once the capital city of Alabama, but now it’s nothing but a bunch of haunted ruins turned into an archaeological site. This is a far stretch from the abandoned desert towns of Nevada or California, as this place has the thickness of the forest to give it an extra creepy vibe.

7: Kennecott, Alaska
The Kennecott Copper Mines in Alaska is definitely the creepiest place in the far north. We already know that Alaska is littered with abandoned settlements from both the US and Russia, deserted prospecting sites, and the wreckage of countless doomed expeditions. But Kennecott is something truly special.

6: South Pass City, Wyoming
Wyoming is one of the spookiest states in America. Thanks to its vast wildernesses, a dark trip in the forest can quickly turn into the haunting experience of a lifetime. And that brings us to South Pass City, an old gold-boom town along the Oregon Trail.

5: Centralia, Pennsylvania
Centralia in Pennsylvania is probably the most well-known abandoned town in all of the USA. That’s because over 50 years ago a mine fire started burning beneath the town and is still burning today.

4: Glenrio, New Mexico
Glenrio, New Mexico was once a bustling little town along Route 66. This town straddled the border between New Mexico and Texas, and was originally founded way back in 1903 when the Pacific Railroad passed through the area.

3: Bannack, Montana
Ghosts walk the streets of Bannack! This small, abandoned town in Montana is a terrifying ruin, arrested in decay and absolutely creepy. The town was originally founded in 1862 when a small group set up shop on the banks of the Grasshopper Creek.

2: St. Elmo, Colorado
In Colorado, St. Elmo is probably the creepiest ghost town you can find. The town is located 10,000 feet up the Sawatch Mountain Range, and it was originally founded in 1880. Like most of the ghost towns on this list, it was found because of gold and silver.

1: Terlingua, Texas
Terlingua is located in southwest Texas. It is also the most-visited ghost town in all of Texas. If you’re into creepy desert towns, this is right up your alley. The first settlement ever in the area was a small Mexican village above the Rio Grande.

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