10 Points that Explain the Importance Of Urban Planning

Urban Planning is also known as Town Planning and City Planning. It’s the art of giving form, design and structure to cities or towns. Urban Planning involves many processes such as the arrangement and design of buildings, transport systems, public space, and determining land use. When we discuss the many challenges cities face, it is easy to understand the importance of urban planning.

Planners are able to address and resolve some of the most difficult issues. Sustainable planning is about meeting the needs of people and ensuring that infrastructure is in good condition. The quality of a community’s built environment directly affects the well-being and health of its inhabitants.

Importance Of Urban Planning

Urban planning goes beyond the built environment. It is also about the city as a living space. Urban planning, urban design and sustainable development play a significant role in helping to find the best ways to use land and infrastructure.

Urban planners and town planners need to consider a variety of issues including transport, housing, employment, education, transport infrastructure, among others. A long-term plan is developed, usually by experts in urban planning and other disciplines.

How is Urban Planning gaining popularity?

Urban planning is a newly developed discipline that has been created in response to rising urban degradation, health concerns, urban development, population growth and poor sanitation. It was difficult for citizens to live, walk, or use public transport because of the way cities were built in the past. In 2010, more than half of the world’s population lived in cities for the first time.

The United Nations forecasted that there would be 358 cities with over 1 million inhabitants by 2015 and 27 megacities housing more than 10,000,000 people. This will be a lot of what you’ll see in the developing world. This is why urban planning was necessary. Let’s now see why urban planning is so important in today’s world.

What is Urban Planning’s importance?

Planning for urban, regional, and city development all play important roles. Planning involves many aspects, including financial, economic and environmental as well as transportation.

  • Planned and organized development of cities
  • Better quality of life
  • Economic growth and economic development.
  • Be aware of environmental concerns
  • Cities are resilient
  • Sustainable development requires better infrastructure
  • Access to education and health facilities is easy
  • A reliable and efficient public transportation system
  • A reliable and efficient waste management system
  • More opportunities for economic growth and jobs

Understanding the basics of Urban Planning

Urban Planning is often confused by a variety of other professions like Architecture, Civil Engineers, Geographers, etc. If you need to get more information about Urban Planning, here is a quick video.

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Contribute to the growth of cities in a planned way

The population of cities in developing countries is growing rapidly due to better education and work opportunities. It is important to have plans in place early to allow for a large population. It is important that all stakeholders and concerned development agencies work together to create efficient plans.

It is important to keep certain factors in mind such as citizens’ needs, community participation, public welfare, adequate expansion of infrastructure and effective measures during emergencies. Planned cities maximize the benefits and advantages of living in a city.

The city will have a strategy for developing its economy and living conditions if it has a balanced distribution of resources through urban design. Urban planning is not only about expanding residential areas and urban sprawls but also ensures that the city has good transportation, quality health care, and sustainable development through master plans.

The city’s growth will be rapid without causing any negative effects on its built environment, economy, or citizens. This achieves multiple goals while weighing the environmental impacts of major urban projects.

Increases quality of life promotes a healthy lifestyle

Every person who moves to a new city is concerned about their quality of life. Employment and housing are the other issues. The cost of living can be higher but there are still many opportunities. The city manager must establish rules and regulations to ensure that land and public spaces are distributed in a proper manner.

The city management has created many points of interest due to the increasing density in neighbouring cities. Due to the constant rise in vehicles, traffic regulations are being updated by the authorities. These measures ultimately improve the quality of people’s lives. Planning for cities helps to manage the urban areas, particularly the downtown and central areas.


Supports environmental considerations

Global warming has caused major problems for the planet and its inhabitants. City managers need to be able to predict natural disasters in advance. They try to predict all possible calamities and then take short-term measures to achieve them.

They protect both the residents and visitors from any possible disasters the world may face today. Urban planning is the key to minimizing risks and improving the lives of all. In the United Nations’ recent Sustainable Development Goals, it was clearly stated that environmental issues must be addressed.

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This policy document highlights the importance of environmental impacts assessments and makes them mandatory for all urban development projects.

Positive Impact on Economy and better utilisation of resources

As cities grow, so do the economic needs. If the financial measures are not properly managed, it can have a devastating impact on the city’s economy. It helps to create more jobs and lower the cost of living.

Due to limited work opportunities and poor living conditions, the major problem facing cities is the increasing migration of residents. Urban planning includes the expansion of rural areas. Urban planning takes all necessary measures to develop and utilize rural areas in order to create economic growth.

A Safe and Healthy Lifestyle is for everyone

Urban planners make sure that people living in urban areas live safe and healthy lives by following the World Health Organization’s advice. They recommend that residents pay more attention to their lifestyle.

The authorities create a more pleasant environment for seniors and provide enough space in public parks for them to exercise and relax. To keep the city clean, they have machines that collect trash and other unwanted materials.

Building resilient cities

Planning a city or an area well includes many measures to prepare for natural disasters. Cities are places with high populations and need to be resilient and safe from natural and man-made disasters. Planning for the future helps cities to prepare for any disaster and minimize losses. Urban Planning helps to save urban areas and reduce loss of life and property.

Develop the Nation

The UN reports that by 2050, there will be more than 3 billion people in cities around the world. According to this report, the continued growth of urban populations could be a serious threat to biodiversity. Every country is making efforts to reduce the negative impact of urbanization on the environment.

Management is increasing the number of trees. They encourage citizens to use public transport more often and reduce fuel consumption. Who will grow with all these measures? The NATION, of course.

Urban planning will continue to be essential due to the increasing population. It is essential that it be done in all parts of the globe, particularly in developing countries. Without urban planning, they will continue to face difficult situations. The management and officials should not be the only ones responsible.

Every citizen must act responsibly towards improving the society, the city, and the nation. Urban planning does not just involve planting trees or picking up garbage. There are many other aspects that urban planners must address. It is why urban planning has become so important in cities.

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