2022 Strongest Town Final Four: Voting (Now Closed)


It’s been an exciting month of the Strongest Town Contest. So many amazing communities have competed and now we’re pleased to present to you the Final Four: Durango, Colorado; Norwood, Ohio; Yellow Springs, Ohio; and Jasper, Indiana. Today, we need your help voting to choose the championship competitors in our seventh annual Strongest Towns Contest.

In this week’s round, representatives from each of the four remaining cities sat down for short interviews with our program director (and the host of our Bottom-Up Revolution podcast), Rachel Quednau. These interviews won’t just help you decide who to vote for in this week’s matchups. They’re also valuable in their own right, as we get to hear stories of local advocates addressing familiar issues with intelligence, creativity, and humility.

Voting closes at 12 p.m. CT on Thursday, March 31. Matchup winners will be announced later that afternoon. You’re allowed to vote once per matchup. The voting forms can be found after each matchup below. Click here for the full rules and schedule, or to catch up on the contest.

The winners will meet in the championship round next week in a live webcast on Monday, April 4, at 3 p.m. CT with Strong Towns staff. Sign up to attend the webcast here.

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