A Venture into the Urban Wilderness: CityNerd’s Field Guide to Stroads

The voice is friendly, intimate, measured, detail-oriented, and humorous. There is a hint of non-venomous, non-judgmental snark. It’s your favorite, funny, smart colleague you might Slack with a couple times a week, if you’re in the business. You have found CityNerd

This YouTube channel intersects with the Strong Towns approach to development and urbanism in the areas of walkability, car dependence, and the Suburban Experiment. Nerd out on induced demand; freeway lids, caps and decks; and the ten most walkable neighborhoods in ten unwalkable cities. Coming at you once a week. 

Behind CityNerd is a Portland, Oregon-based transportation/planning project manager with some video production in his background. He took a one-year sabbatical break and found himself producing the YouTube series. He intends to get back to his real job at some point, but in the meantime he’s having too much fun publishing for a fast-growing audience of 19,000-plus subscribers. 

We will be publishing CityNerd posts intermittently, when the themes connect with Strong Towns approaches. Today’s share is a “venture into the urban wilderness…a field guide to stroads,” set in Las Vegas. No Hunter S. Thompson cameos, but plenty of 45-mile per hour fear and loathing. Enjoy. 

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