All Aboard for the Strong Towns Local-Motive 2022 Tour

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Each online session on the tour will feature:

  • An engaging presentation on a specific topic, led by a Strong Towns team member, including concrete ideas and advice for making your town stronger.

  • An in-depth conversation with a special guest who has extensive experience taking action in this field.

  • A selection of resources and “action guides” to further your understanding of these topics in a concise, easily shareable format.

The 2022 Local-Motive Tour moves beyond the theoretical to give local leaders immediate steps they can take to make their places financially strong and prosperous. These sessions will be accessible to a broad audience, but of particular value to elected officials and city staff, urban planners, engineers, and citizen activists.

Each tour stop qualifies as 1 Continuing Education / Certification Maintenance (CM) Credit, certified through the AICP.

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