Announcing a New and Improved Map of Cities That Have Removed Parking Minimums

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Part of the reason we did this is that the parking reform movement itself has made leaps and bounds in just a few years. It was just four short years ago that Hartford, Connecticut, and Buffalo, New York, became the first major North American cities to completely abolish parking requirements. Since then, the likes of San Francisco, Minneapolis, Edmonton, and South Bend have followed suit—but also dozens if not hundreds of smaller cities and towns. In fact, the terrain has shifted so quickly that the original map, despite a steady stream of user submissions, was becoming an inadequate resource to track these reforms in detail.

So here’s a new map. And we encourage you to use it, and to tell anyone you know who’s involved in parking policy—as an advocate, as a city planner, as an elected official—to check it out. We hope to continue building this database for years to come, so that it can be a clearinghouse for all of you on the side of parking sanity to build the case for reform in your town.

Has your town or city enacted meaningful parking reform? If so, you can put your city on the map using this form.

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