British Guy Reacting to Top 10 CREEPIEST Small Towns in The US

British Guy Reacting to Top 10 CREEPIEST Small Towns in The USuy (AKA Mr H and friends) is Reacting to Top 10 CREEPIEST Small Towns in The US

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Top 10 creepiest small towns in the United States of America. This list has creepy and secluded towns in Alaska, West Virginia, Oregon, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Idaho to name a few.

Here are some examples:

Spookiest Ghost Towns in America
Old mines, abandoned buildings, and ghostly orbs: These are a few of the most haunted locales in the country.

Though there are some seriously spooky haunted hotels out there, these ghost towns are almost more frightening. The abandoned cities stretch all throughout America, and are rumored to be extra eerie. But they weren’t always that way. Most of them were once prosperous mining towns filled with people hoping to make it rich by discovering gold or silver. Now, many have been untouched for over a hundred years (yet some still have a ton of historic buildings somehow still standing).

There are ghost towns all over the U.S., if you’re brave enough for a visit. They’re located in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico, New York, West Virginia, and more. Not all of them are rumored to actually be haunted places, but some do have spirits of former business owners or residents wandering around the general stores or old jails.

Not all of them are totally defunct, either. One even apparently has an “internationally acclaimed” restaurant! Ready to plan your trip, or take a virtual one? Check out this roundup of the best ghost towns America has to offer.

Calico, California

Although you probably won’t find any silver in this one-time mining hot spot, you can experience a goldmine of activities in this ghost town turned tourist attraction. At Calico Ghost Town—now a California historical landmark—you can explore Maggie Mine, the only formerly used mine in the area that’s safe for guests to see. You can also take a ride on Calico Odessa Railroad to see all of the sights. If you’re really feeling daring, you can even participate in one of the spooky ghost tours

Rhyolite, Nevada

On the eastern edge of Death Valley sits Rhyolite, a former mining hub. At its peak in 1907, this town boasted a hospital, an opera house, and a stock exchange. The area seemed so promising that even Charles M. Schwab invested and bought one of the mines. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the thousands of people to scatter: A financial crises, natural disasters, and the loss of funding caused nearly every resident to leave the Nevada spot by 1920.

Centralia, PA

A trash fire gone seriously wrong led to this still-aflame, modern ghost town northwest of Philadelphia. In 1962, a fire accidentally spread to the town’s old, underground mines causing sinkholes to spew smoke and toxic fumes across the town. In 1981, the entire town was evacuated; in 1992, all real estate was claimed under eminent domain and condemned by the state; and in 2002, the ZIP code was recalled. The fire is still burning today and is expected to burn for another 250 years! Despite all this, six residents still live in the doomed town.

Thurmond, WV
In the early 1900s, the railroad was what kept this West Virginia town booming. A major stop on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Thurmond produced more than 20 percent of the company’s revenue in 1910. The Great Depression followed by the invention of the diesel train in the 1950s, however, meant the end of Thurmond’s prosperity. Less than 10 people still live in Thurmond today, and the train depot now serves as a museum and information center for travelers who come to raft the New River.

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