Closing out summer on the Oatman Massacre Trail

Before summer vacation ended and I had to get back to the grind, I wanted to head out and do one more trail. I decided to re-do a trail I haven’t been on in about 5 years and got the chance to check out a few historical sites including the Oatman Massacre site, where the Oatman Family was killed in 1851 when traveling a wagon route.

It was warm, but a good trip. I also had the chance to test out the new drone and camera I recently upgraded to. All videos shot from here on out should hopefully be a little higher quality. There are still a few old videos that will be published, but it’s on to better videos like this. Not sure about the format but thought I’d share my trip. Let me know if there should be more videos like this on the channel.

You can view more about the trail here:

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