Cruising through one of the oldest Mining Towns in the US – November 2020 in 4K

Cruising through one of the oldest Mining Towns in the US – November 2020 in 4K

Not being able to do a whole lot with my arm in a sling(Biceps Tendon Tear Surgery), so to speak & literally, so driving through some old Ghost/Mining Towns may be on the agenda for the next few months. This time out, I ventured a little south of my home base in Las Vegas, to Chloride, Arizona to attempt my first Travel Vlog. Claimed to be the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in Arizona. There wasn’t a whole lot to see here as I found out, there is no Government to speak of, No Police, No Mayor, No City Hall, etc. Just a Post Office, Hotel, Restaurant and a couple small businesses.

I am no Vlogger, that’s for sure, but let’s see if I can do something, anything, to keep the few Subscribers that are hanging around, entertained. I appreciate those of you that are here and that watch the content I am able to put up. If you are reading this, that’s just a bonus, please leave me a comment below letting me know.
Also, let me know any places you’d like to see, that maybe you can’t get out to. Hard-to-get to old mining towns and/or ghost towns in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, etc. I will try to plan them into my travels.
I am planning a ‘Arizona Historic Route 66’ trip next month, ‘Van Life’ style, trying to stay self-sufficient in my Jeep Liberty while stopping at a lot of the quirky little shops along the route in Arizona. Then possibly dropping down to Sedona, Jerome & Prescott for a whole separate video. Let me know your thoughts. Hopefully I can learn some of the right ways to do things while I’m doing it and through some comments from you guys.

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Thanks for taking a look.
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