Free Webcast: Transform Your Community with “Confessions of a Recovering Engineer”

Strong Towns members have been using ideas from our books, posts, and podcasts to do extraordinary things in their communities—from tactical urbanism to counteracting seductive, but wrong, mainstream media narratives about why accidents went up when driving went down during the pandemic.

This Member Week, we’re providing a special opportunity to hear one of our most popular Strong Towns presentations on these topics, totally free. 

Strong Towns President Charles Marohn was joined today (June 7) by an audience from more than 30 American states and many Canadian provinces for a live webcast, Confessions of a Recovering Engineer.” A free YouTube recording of the webcast is available here.

In this presentation, Marohn lifts the curtain on America’s transportation system, demonstrating how the values of engineers and other transportation professionals are applied in the design process, and how those priorities differ from the values of the general public. By showing how transportation investments are a means to an end and not an end unto themselves, Marohn reveals how the standard approach to issues like fighting congestion, addressing speeding, and designing intersections only makes transportation problems worse, at great cost in terms of both safety and resources.

By contrast, the Strong Towns approach to transportation focuses on bottom-up techniques for spending less and getting higher returns, all while improving quality of life for residents of a community. This webcast recording is based on Marohn’s latest book, Confessions of a Recovering Engineer, and includes questions and answers on topics from speed enforcement to roundabouts to speed humps.

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