Friday Faves – Member Week Edition!

6 10+FF

Maureen Ganley: Been trying to figure out for many years how to enhance my community/city. Hopefully Strong Towns will at least be part of the answer.

Kirk Abolafia: Continue the fight!

Felicia Foster: I am reading the book and listening to the podcasts—very eye opening!! Thank you.

Danielle Richard: I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought I was already a member, but discovered I am not, so wanted to fix that right away. 🙂 LOVE this organization and movement and am thankful for all that I’ve been able to learn from you guys over the past few years.

Finally, from all of us, a big thanks to all of our newest members who joined during this week: Gabe Abatecola, Kirk Abolafia, Vincent Aguirre, Rory Aptekar, Alec Ball, Ash Barton, Sol Bassa, Tyler Bigler, Tyler Borrelli, Evan Bost, Jeffrey Boutte, Jamie Bright, George Brown, Michael Brown, Richard A Burg, Rohan Burnside, Jeffery Colvin, C.S. Coolidge, B Diane Davis, Ryan DeBarr, Matt DiPietro, Mayumi Doyama, Kurt Dresner, Jenni Easton, Stephanie Fanos, Felicia Foster, Benjamin Fuller, Maureen Ganley, Diane Garte, Linda Grenfell, Justin Gurr, Cheryl Hammond, Christopher Harris, Eva Hatziz, Jared Helmberger, Roger Henderson, Peter Herman, Matthew Iden, Anthony Isaacs, JoelRodney Johnson, Paul Johnson, Korawich Kavee, Michael Lofton, Luke Lorentz, Terrance Mc Ginn, Eleanor Ponomareff, Al Putnam, Danielle Richard, Athena Roberts, Evan Running, Christian Schick, Michael Schuller, Willow Sells, Paulette Shnier, Hannah Sillars, Eric Smith, Tristan Snyder, Jeffrey Starkweather, Angela Stathos, David Taylor, David Thompson, Kristine Thompson, Thi Truong, Nathan Ulsh, Katherine Waddell, Ryan Walters, Heliena Walton, and Alexander Whittle.

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