Friday Faves – Your Weekly Strong Towns Roundup (Copy)

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Rachel: I recently picked up this book because the author is a regular panelist on the best radio show ever, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, from NPR. Jessie Klein is also a comedy tv writer and producer, as well as, it turns out, an absolutely hilarious author. The book, I’ll Show Myself Out, is about the joys and challenges of mothering a young kid. I’m only halfway through, but I already had to leave the front porch where I was reading because I was laughing so hard I was crying, and I got worried the neighbors might start to think it was a little odd for someone to be sitting outside their house alone, giggling to themselves. I’m about to enter that journey of parenthood myself with our first baby due in the fall, so this book was a welcome read, but I bet even people without kids would still find it amusing.

Finally, from all of us, a warm welcome to the newest members of the Strong Towns movement: Pamela Adams, Melissa Bowman, Kyler Bracken, Lori Cox, Emily Crawford, Logan Daum, Sam Eckert, Joe Frascello, Dillon Gardner, Jason Grant, Robyn Gray, Isabella Gruse, Jacob Haverkost, Andrea Hooley, Victoria Hresc, Chad Jones, Catalin Kaser, Josiah Klein, Matthew Limbu, Sean Maxwell, Robert McNierney, Mark Muggli, Peter Palafoutas, Suzanne Prince, Luther Propst, Jessica Richards, Ivan Rojas-Fuentes, Benjamin Sagritalo, Kenneth Schlegel, Bryan Smith, Danielle Soneff, Zachary Staggs, and Gregory Young.

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