Ghost Towns of the American Gold Rush

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The wildest and fastest American era that ever was… Men left their homes, wives, children, and their jobs, and raced West in a mad rush to find a pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow. Towns sprang up overnight, along with banks, general stores, boarding houses, saloons, all of which were filled with prospectors, hustlers, gamblers, and outlaws. Some came to mine gold. Others came to mine the miners. Men and women lived fast, full, often reckless lives, and when rumors of new strikes arose, many picked up their stakes and moved on with the possibility of a better tomorrow someplace else. Left behind in their wake were empty buildings and silent streets. This documentary brings to life eleven ghost towns. Some are completely deserted, while others are actually still alive, though, they are operating as unique places that people can visit and witness what a ghost town was like back in the 19th century. It is all here; a collection of anecdotes and history of America’s past, gone but never forgotten. A few towns even allow visitors to pan for gold!

Included Are:
Coloma, CA
Grass Valley, CA
Murphys, CA
Virginia City, NV
Sutro, NV
Bodie, CA
Buckskin Joe, CO
Lake City, CO
Bannack, MT
Vulture City, AZ
Mogollon, NM

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