How To Make Real Estate Video to Sell Your Homes

A real estate video will provide an overview of the homes and properties you are willing to sell. Using a real estate video to sell a home is nothing new. However, not everything goes in this promotional video.

In order to achieve a positive effect when selling your home, your videos must meet minimum quality standards. In this article, we will share the keys to make a video to sell your home yourself to show all the virtues of your property.

The real estate video has become the tools for every realtors

Real Estate Video

Your potential clients could search for the real estate videos online, people who are interested in your property will reach out to you after watching video adverts and this will surely help your business to grow.

Make a script

What do you want to show about your home? In what order do you want to show each of the rooms? What kind of plans do you want to use? And what angles? Before you get down to work, plan how you want your real estate video to be.

Take a look at some internet apartment videos and prepare a little script. When taking pictures for the sale of your apartment, planning will help you always show the best face without missing any detail.

Prepare your home

Before you start recording, you must prepare the house for the occasion. Make sure the house we want to show is attractive to potential buyers. In order not to fail, here are some tips:

  • Clean in-depth (a video will capture things that a simple photograph cannot capture)
  • Tidy up your home (helps the prospective buyer focus their attention on what is really important)
  • Neutralize (remove your personal items)
  • Fix small imperfects (do not allow that blind that has been broken for half a year to appear in your video)

Actually, to record a video to sell your home, you must apply the same Home Staging techniques that real estate professionals carry out when they start marketing a property. Get to know them through our Home Staging guide.

Get suitable devices

Today, practically any mobile device allows you to record videos with enough quality to carry out an adequate promotion. However, it is advisable to have certain techniques that help us obtain ‘more professional’ videos.

Something very simple but with a great effect is to use a tripod or a high table during recording. The videos recorded by hand usually offer a somewhat shaky image. What’s more, you will need a suitable program for video editing.

There are applications such as iMovie and FlexClip video maker that allow you to edit your videos for free. With FlexClip, you are able to make a fancy video with its preset real estate videos. There are also many free video ad-makers available for making a stunning real estate video. You may get inspired by the templates they provided.



Remember, you are making a video to sell your home, not a movie. About 30 seconds of recording will be enough (hence the importance of preparing a good script that allows you to show the best of your home in a short period).

You do not need to show every corner of your home or the inside of the closets. Your buyer will always have the opportunity to discover your home in detail by arranging a visit to your house.


Now that you have a beautiful video about your home for sale, you are at the time to upload it to YouTube to start promoting it. You can also get help from platforms like Vimeo, but you can find a broader spectrum of the population on YouTube.

Try to tag your video with the right words, for example: flat with terrace in … It is also important that you fill in the description field proposed by YouTube. Once uploaded to the appropriate platform, share your video by WhatsApp with family and friends and invite them to do the same with their circle of contacts. You can also help yourself with social networks to increase the impact.

If you do it, do it well

Undoubtedly, the best option will always be to hire a professional who knows the whole process: home preparation, script, technology, promotion … No one better than someone who is dedicated to it to get the best out of our home.

If you want to do it yourself, you should be honest with yourself. If the final result does not meet your objective: to show the home’s best face to maximize the chances of a quick and profitable sale, it would be better not to use it. A poorly made real estate video could generate the opposite result of what we are looking for: scare potential buyers and keep them away from buying our home.

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To sum up

Video marketing campaigns for real estate will soon be the most widely used marketing strategy to attract qualified clients. Remember that video marketing for real estate is something more than recording some images of the property and accompanying them with pleasant music.

This does not sell. Not on Facebook, not on your website, not on Google; much less on YouTube. We would appreciate it if you would leave us a comment about this article. What has been your experience with real estate video marketing?

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