Johnny Sanphillippo: The Trajectory of Suburbia

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You’ve read Granola Shotgun. You’ve seen Johnny Sanphillippo on our website (including in an article just released today). You’ve heard him on the Strong Towns Podcast multiple times, and those interviews have each been hits with our listeners. So, we’ve invited him back again to chat with Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn.

For those who don’t know yet, Johnny is a blogger and small-scale developer working with property in and around Madison, Wisconsin. His adventures (and sometimes misadventures) in the suburbs of Madison, along with traveling, interviewing others, and photographing places around the country, have all afforded him some interesting insights into the North American development pattern.

On this episode of the Strong Towns Podcast, he shares his perspectives on “occupying” the suburbs on its own terms, the future of our relationship with the automobile, dealing with complex problems (especially when those problems become a crisis), “dystopian” views, intergenerational cooperation, and more.

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