Join the Strong Towns Toastmasters Club!


People who decide to join the club as chartering members will pay Toastmaster International club dues every six months and join more than 300,000 other active Toastmasters members worldwide in their mission to build better communication and leadership skills.

Testimonial from Strong Towns Member Norman Peterson:

I joined Toastmasters to learn how to be a better communicator of things I care about—and that’s exactly what has happened! 

My time in this club has helped me become a really passionate example of the benefits of Toastmasters, as I’ve grown in confidence as a speaker, perceptiveness as a speech evaluator, and capacity as a leader. As a member of a weekly club, I am able to practice skills and try new things as a speaker and leader without the fear that there will be ramifications for my work life if I mess something up. Our club regularly receives young professionals who are nervous to speak and being passed over for advancement in their work because of it. This is especially the case with members who speak English as an additional language that they are still mastering. Within a month or two, these same individuals blossom into bolder, stronger, and more impactful speakers because they have had a chance to speak up, receive insightful feedback, and try out a bunch of things that help them defeat their nerves and discover a style that works best for them. The transformation from stammering over the basics to articulating complex concepts is remarkable. 

People ask me why I’m still in Toastmasters if I speak as a pastor every week, and I explain that I love being able to practice all kinds of different speaking techniques in a non-stressful and non-consequential setting. I won’t be booed or reprimanded if my efforts to try something new don’t really work out as I envisioned it. I’m also a big fan of evaluating other speakers because it forces me to learn about the structures and techniques of effective communication in real time.

Toastmasters clubs can really vary, but the two I’ve belonged to have been fun, friendly, and filled with a diverse blend of people. The same can be said for Strong Towns and I am really excited about the prospect of bringing those two worlds together in a Strong Towns Toastmasters Club. I have been a member of two Toastmasters clubs for six years and a member of Strong Towns for 8eight years, and I regularly give speeches inspired by things I’ve picked up from Strong Towns. 

If you’d like to learn how to share your thoughts and ideas with anyone you meet in a convincing way, don’t hesitate to get involved! You’ll be really glad you did and I’ll be really glad to meet you!

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