Let’s Change the Way We Look at Shared Problems by Starting Some Conversations

Some of the most engaging takes on the Strong Towns approach to creating resilient communities have been provided in recent years by people who don’t even work here. Our friends have taken some of our best ideas and run far—using amazing creativity to transform ideas into conversations in wonderful ways we couldn’t imagine. 

Talking points that Strong Towns president Charles Marohn refined in thousands of hours of podcasts, blog posts, and presentations are making their way into ever-widening circles. 

We are having trouble, for example, keeping track of the now relatively widespread use of the word “stroad,” coined by Chuck more than 10 years ago to describe a street–road hybrid. The Strong Towns critique of the Suburban Experiment and our work calling out the Growth Ponzi Scheme are ideas which have been debated, tested, and re-tested on this site…and in presentations, podcasts, and essays by many others. We’re very grateful for these collaborations.  

We love the video content being produced by Strong Towns friends, and in coming weeks, you’ll see more video content on our website. Some of it will be produced by third parties like CityNerd or Not Just Bikes, and some of it will be produced in-house. Watch out for a casting call coming soon for members of our movement to submit short, 30-second videos showing a problem in their neighborhood which the Strong Towns approach can help solve. 

That series of short video content pieces will be presented on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The goal is to engage more often in conversations and stand in front of you and lecture less. I think the framework of ideas has mostly been built and now we are seeking more collaborators to turn those thoughts into actions. 

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