Look What You Did (It’s Awesome)

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We’re wrapping up another exciting Member Week. Twice a year, we take extra care and time to to acknowledge the irreplaceable work our members do to support and grow the Strong Towns movement.

We’re also nearing the close of another calendar year.

And so, as Strong Towns staff, we wanted to express our gratitude for all that you, our Strong Towns members, have made possible over the last 11 months.

Strong Towns is on track to publish more than 550 articles in 2021, as well as more than 120 podcasts. We are also on track to reach more than 2 million people with the Strong Towns message. You made this happen.

You helped us launch the Action Lab, a new platform that curates 12 years of our best, most actionable resources; it helps people find the answers they need to put the Strong Towns approach to work right where they live.

You helped organize the first-ever Local-Motive Tour, which brought in experts and heroes from across North America on topics ranging from picking your next bike lane battle to doing the math on projects and improving community engagement.

You helped launch the second Strong Towns book, Confessions of a Recovering Engineer, as well as the ongoing book tour. The Strong Towns approach to fixing transportation is gaining traction around the U.S. and Canada. You made that happen.

You created new online courses on housing, transportation, and urban design. You created in-depth series on economic development, the infrastructure bill, and repurposing a neglected urban resource. You also took action in your own city. In our articles and podcasts, we’ve tried to capture a few of the stories we’ve heard from you—but there are more than we can get to…and new stories being lived every day.

And even this is the tip of the iceberg.

Look what you did. It’s awesome. Is it any wonder Strong Towns members are not only our financial supporters, but also our inspiration and our heroes? We talk all the time as staff about how we can help and honor them. We’re enormously grateful.

Thank you for all of that and more. 2021 has been a milestone year for the Strong Towns movement. We expect even more from 2022. And thank you for an amazing Member Week. If you haven’t joined our incredible community of Strong Towns members, there’s no time like right now.

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