Metal Detecting An Abandoned Ghost Town (With 50 People!)

Hey guys! Metal detecting is something I’ve always wanted to do at Cerro Gordo. I’ve tried many times during my stay here, but never fully got the hang of it. But given that Cerro Gordo had so many people living here over so long, there has to be things in the ground!! So to try to unearth any of those artifacts a bit quicker than I could on my own, I invited out 50 viewers of the channel!

It was an absolutely amazing weekend and one that I’ll remember for a very long time to come. I hope to have many more group events in the coming years!

A special thanks to Chris Kam and Andre who came out and filmed this, so I could just focus on interacting with everyone!

If you want to be part of a future metal detecting weekend, let me know in the comments below!

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