Quick Trip to Blue Bell Mine

After checking out DeSoto Mine in the nearby area, we made a quick detour to Blue Bell Mine — 5 miles north of Cleator. The trail gets rough close to the mine, but the footprint, and remnants left at the mine are definitely make it worth a stop. The Blue Bell produced 1.2 million tons at a value of $14 million over its lifetime, making it a much larger working than the DeSoto to the south.

More history/pics from the Blue Bell: http://azoffroad.net/blue-bell-mine/4594331379
The DeSoto Mine history: http://azoffroad.net/desoto-mine/4541249231

DeSoto Mine Ride video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPsNE_Y6D58

Directions: Head due north out of downtown Cleator on FR 93/9273A. The trail is easy at first, getting progressively more difficult as you approach the mine. 4-wheel drive with good clearance and careful tire placement are required at times. Stock vehicles will have difficulty reaching the Blue Bell.

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