Rebuilding The American Hotel Has Begun! (ft. Heavy D Sparks)

The day is finally here! Almost on year to the date after losing the American Hotel, construction has begun again. This was my most exciting days at Cerro Gordo yet. After months of trying to figure out how to get concrete here, Heavy D Sparks came through with his crew and made it happen! We had a great week getting the site ready, sneaking in some mine explorations, and a lot more!

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Thank you so much to all the volunteers who came out to help Cerro Gordo and make this happen. It’s amazing to think this channel is helping rebuild this town. I truly appreciate every person who has come out, watched a video, and in all ways supported this town.

If you’d like to contribute to the hotel reconstruction, there is a GoFundMe page set up here:

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Mailing Address: PO Box 490, Lone Pine, CA 93545

Additional b-roll this week provided by Carson Holliss:

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! This is the beginning of a new chapter at Cerro Gordo!

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