Reckless Road Design is Killing Us, Not Reckless Drivers

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Road design in most of North America, as we’ve written about on our pages, is deadly. It’s deadly because our engineers follow the rules laid out by the profession and its support of policy choices which determine over and over again to prioritize speed and volume over safety and cost. Our roads, in the words of our friends at Smart Growth America, are Dangerous By Design

For many of us, roadway deaths are harder to swallow when we can’t point a finger and say the death was caused by random carelessness or lawlessness. Random explanations somehow absolve us of responsibility. Most deaths on our roadways are caused by the way we design them and that means we can fix it. And that means making hard choices instead of pointing easy fingers.  

For those willing to look at these choices with eyes wide open and to contemplate changing the rules, Strong Towns has many guides. More details and much more background on how we continue to kill each other on our roadways by following the rules can be found in the pages of Strong Towns President Charles Marohn’s book, Confessions of a Recovering Engineer

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