Say Hello to Our New Social Community Specialist

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For more than a decade, Strong Towns has worked to build a catalog of content that members and allies rely on as the leading edge of ideas to build stronger and more financially resilient cities. Our articles and podcasts have helped us reach two million people a year in this movement. 

Strong Towns advocates are already changing the conversation about how we build towns and cities. Literally every day we hear new stories about people who are putting the Strong Towns approach into action in their own place. 

Beginning late last year, we began adding staff and program resources in order to better turn our words into actions. We’ve embarked on new campaigns to actively engage our movement in making change in our communities, from reforming antiquated Euclidean zoning regulation to fixing dangerous stroads.

Part of our strategy is for our audience and staff to more directly engage with each other and with decision makers at the local level. We think conversations, rather than lectures, will be the most effective model to advance the work we’re doing.

To that end, we are grateful to have found Tayana Panova, who brings a wealth of analytical skills, media fluency, and emotional intelligence to our work. She holds a PhD in psychology, with a specialization in how technology and psychology interact. Her research has led her to understand that technology is often used as an outlet for needs not satisfied by the built environment, which is why she has developed a passion for building healthy and vibrant communities. Her years living in Chicago and its suburbs, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Bulgaria have given her a unique perspective on different kinds of urban life.

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