Sign up for Next Week’s Webcast on Fighting an Urban Highway Expansion in Shreveport


For years, state and city leaders in Shreveport, Louisiana, have been planning an urban highway expansion that would cut through the heart of the city, the I-49 “inner-city connector.” And for years, residents—especially of the Allendale neighborhood that the project would most directly impact—have been fighting back. (Read more about this ongoing fight against highway expansion in Shreveport.)

Next Wednesday (July 21) at 12 p.m. Eastern, we’re hosting a free webcast where you’ll learn from local experts who are leading the charge against this harmful highway project. They’re spurring important conversation about what an economically thriving neighborhood can be and how people-oriented places, not highspeed roads, are the only way to achieve this goal.

You’ll hear from neighborhood podcast host Roosevelt Bryant, city councilwoman LeVette Fuller, local nonprofit director Kim Mitchell, and Shreveport-based engineer Tim Wright, in a discussion hosted by Strong Towns president Charles Marohn. These panelists will share their insights on the complex nature of highway projects and politics, and discuss their ideas for a stronger Shreveport.

The webcast will be helpful for anyone who’s tired of excessive highway spending, damaging road projects, and transportation systems that fail to serve residents. Join us for an important conversation.

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