Strong Towns on TikTok? You Betcha!


A shoddy senior home design? Stroad complications? Unsafe roads? Most glorious street tree? Those are just a few of the topics our staff is showing on our just-launched TikTok account. 

Over the past couple of years, TikTok has become far more than a dancing app; it has transformed into a platform where a wide variety of conversations can take place, facilitated and enriched by video examples, and where interaction between creators and followers is easier than ever before. The platform’s power to spread messages in a clear visual format is something that we wanted to harness in order to grow awareness about Strong Towns and better communicate what we mean on the topics we discuss (and have some fun at the same time!).

To that end, we have also launched our first TikTok challenge to hear from you about what’s going on in your community. If you wish to participate, the rules are below:

  • Film a video of 60 seconds or less where you show us a design fail in your town—a street, sidewalk, big box store, etc.—and explain why it’s such a problem (see the examples from our staff on our TikTok page).

  • Use the hashtag #FixThisWithStrongTowns and tag us @strongtowns so we can see your video.

  • We’ll share the best videos on our platforms and the creator of the video with the most engagement will win Strong Towns merch!

We are happy to report that in just a few days, our TikTok launch has found success. Each of our videos has received thousands of views and hundreds of likes, and we’ve grown our following by several hundred. And this is just the beginning! We are excited to reach new audiences and we hope that this platform will help us connect with you in new ways.

Click below to watch some examples from our staff members of design fails in their communities:

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