Strongest Town 2022, Round 2: Jasper, IN vs. Champaign, IL


Impact Jasper is our 10-year comprehensive plan with the intent and purpose to continually build upon, adjust, and strengthen, balancing priorities with our budget to assure fiscal responsibility. It is a fluid guide that includes a broad view of Jasper including economic development, neighborhoods, transportation, community facilities, utilities, parks and recreation, environmental assets, quality of life, and more. “Our prosperous city has the potential to be better than we are now, and we are excited to be in control of our future,” says Mayor Dean Vonderheide. This is a community-driven plan that included thirty-four separate ways we collected input from public workshops, resulting in 690 unique comments, 706 survey participants, outreach events, focus groups, interviews, youth engagement through school assignments, and social media engagement. Pictured above is one of the many input sessions.

From this, four overarching themes emerged:

  1. Impact our Economy: growing our economy and talent pool.

  2. Impact Our Community: connecting people and places.

  3. Impact Our Legacy: building a strong healthy community.

  4. Impact Our Livability: investing in our neighborhood amenities.

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