Strongest Town 2022, Round 2: Taylor, TX vs. Norwood, OH


Norwood is an established city within a city, a three-square-mile enclave of Cincinnati, so there’s not really space for new development. That’s an asset, not a problem. It allows Norwood to reimagine spaces and retain unique buildings. Along Montgomery Road, our main business corridor, Ventura Builders Group, which has renovated historic homes all over the city, transformed an abandoned, multi-story bank building into a regional event center and co-working space. Across town, another developer saved the clock tower at the former U.S. Playing Card factory and the development, Factory 52, will mirror Norwood’s traditional high-density, mixed-use nature. All over Norwood, zoning encourages corner buildings to be mixed-use, allowing for commercial space even in residential neighborhoods, to encourage walkability and local businesses. These businesses, like the pay-what-you-can Speckled Bird café or the summer favorite Creamy Whip, are not merely places to get a treat, they are also neighborhood gathering spaces that increase our community pride and sense of belonging.

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