System Failure and What to Do About It

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This conversation with Warren Smith is centered on the question of what our built environment looks like when we put humans, not systems, cars, or the buildings themselves first. Their discussion weaves over the line between the technical, mechanical elements of the engineering profession, and the real effects it has on the opportunity for humans to live well in a prospering place.

In addition to reviewing some of the foundations and core revelations of the Strong Towns movement, this podcast explores the idea that the cultural divide our society is dealing with is not one of conservatism and progressivism, but of top-down problem solving and bottom-up townmaking.

When it comes to solving the problems our cities face, Chuck says, whether those are problems of financial stability or climate change, “public policy can’t overcome us not being neighborly.” There’s a full transcript of this one available, too.

The Strong Towns approach is creeping steadily into all corners of our society, without regard to political affiliation—you can help by sharing conversations like these, and planting the seeds of the movement where you think they’ll grow.

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