The 5 Best Strong Towns Articles and Podcasts from 2021: Rachel’s Picks

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In June, we had the honor of publishing a book of essays by Charles Marohn with practical and important steps for communities that want to break free of their dependance on dominant industries. The series focused on towns in the American west that rely on commodities like lumber and coal for their economic survival, but it’s relevant for any community that finds itself dependent on a handful of companies (Walmart? Amazon?) for jobs and money. As Chuck frames it in the introduction to the series, “The measurement of success that comes up over and over again in resource-based communities is simple: Will the next generation stay or leave? Do our kids have enough of a future here to stick around and make a life, or will they leave and never come back?” If those questions resonate with you, read the full e-book for tons of insights and ideas. You can also explore individual articles in the series on this page, if you prefer that format.


That’s a wrap on my favorite things we published in 2021! Let us know your favorites in the comments and check back tomorrow to hear from John Pattison about his top content from the year.

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