The 5 Best Strong Towns Articles and Podcasts from 2021: Shina’s Picks

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Another one of my colleagues wanted to feature this piece, but graciously allowed me to have it. And I’m glad for it, because when I first read “billion bollards,” I couldn’t help but enjoy the alliteration of the title—only to very quickly realize there is nothing funny about this article. In no unclear terms, Chuck Marohn exposes and condemns street designs that prioritize the safety of drivers over that of the much more vulnerable people walking on sidewalks and waiting at intersections. It’s chilling to see such a lack of regard for human life laid out so plainly. As Chuck puts it, “America needs a billion bollards. There is no coherent argument against lining every street in America with them.” I’m now convinced of this. Read the article and I think you will be, too.


That wraps up my favorite content from 2021—and believe me, it wasn’t easy to choose just five pieces! What would you have picked? Let us know what your favorite articles or podcasts were in the comments, and stay tuned to hear from Daniel tomorrow.

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