The Bottom-Up Revolution is… Helping Small Towns and Their People Thrive

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There’s a common misconception about the Strong Towns organization that we only speak about smaller communities. Funnily enough, we get accused just as often of only addressing issues for big cities!

The truth is that we work hard to write, share stories, and speak in a way that people from any size of town or city can learn from and relate to. Today’s guest on The Bottom-Up Revolution podcast is a perfect example of that. Rebecca Undem lives in the small community of Oakes, North Dakota, and does a lot of work helping her town grow stronger, and helping her fellow rural residents become community leaders. But we know her advice and insights will speak to you whether you live in a town of 2,000 or two million.

In this conversation hosted by Rachel Quednau, Undem talks about the choice to stay in or return to your hometown; the connections, family, and traditions you get to experience when you make that sort of life for yourself; and how that doesn’t mean losing out on career opportunities. In particular, Undem has been helping her region think through the ways that the rise of remote work can allow people to commit to their towns for the long haul. She believes remote employment and Main Street can actually grow together and benefit one another, and she’s led some creative initiatives to help people see those opportunities through her organization, Growing Small Towns. Undem also hosts a podcast under the same name.

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