The First Endorsements Are in for the New “Confessions” Book

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“I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. It’s been more than a decade since its title essay rocked me to my core; reading it was my Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally moment. Over the intervening years, Chuck’s message has become all the more necessary, and the world may finally be ready for it.

“I am not an engineer, so I can share with impunity the truth that Chuck is being prosecuted for exposing: American road engineering is not only destroying the fabric of American society and the health of its citizens; it is nothing less than institutionalized mass murder.”

— Jeff Speck, city planner and author of Walkable City and Walkable City Rules

Go deeper: Check out this conversation Chuck Marohn had with Jeff Speck about how to build slower, safer streets…and why this goal is so important if we want to live in prosperous, successful cities.

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