Video: “Confessions of a Recovering Engineer” in Wichita

20211028 DSC 1695

Ever since the September release of Confessions of a Recovering Engineer, Strong Towns president Chuck Marohn has been traveling around the country talking about the new book, about how the North American transportation system got so bad, and about how it can be—must be—fixed using a Strong Towns approach. Past legs of The Confessions Tour have taken him to Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, and more. Upcoming stops include Oregon, California, Arizona, Connecticut, and Ontario. Many more events are in the works well into 2022.

Last week, Chuck was in Kansas for several events in Hutchinson and Wichita. (Strong Towns staffers Rachel Quednau and John Pattison were there, too!) The organizers of the Rethinking Wichita conference produced some videos of the sessions, and we were excited to pass them along. Embedded here is Chuck’s keynote address at Friends University—along with one of the best Q&A sessions we’ve had yet. You can find additional media on the Rethinking Wichita website.

We’re grateful to Russell Arben Fox and the other Rethinking Wichita organizers for welcoming us to their city. If you’d like to bring The Confessions Tour to your place, let us know! Hosting an event is a great way to build the Strong Towns conversation where you live.

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