Welcoming our 2021 Summer Intern


This summer, we once again have the privilege of partnering with our colleagues at the data analytics firm Urban3 to host a summer intern, and we’re excited to welcome her to the team this week.

Sarah Davis hails from Kansas City, Missouri (a place we have written about extensively in the past at Strong Towns). She just finished up a bachelors in Urban Planning & Design from the University of Missouri–Kansas City.

Sarah is passionate about neighborhoods and advocating for the individuals within them. Her goal is to use her planning education to support practices that help strengthen communities.

You can expect articles from Sarah every Wednesday throughout the next couple of months. She’ll be collecting ideas, data, and visualizations from the extensive research conducted by Urban3 across the country, and bringing the most compelling stories to the Strong Towns audience.

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And while you’re waiting for her to kick off her first article next week, be sure to check out the writings of our past Urban3/Strong Towns interns:

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