What are the Effects of Global Warming, Definition and Effects

Global Warming is happening because of Carbon Dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere. This is like the city smogs people were used to see in the 1900s, retaining or trapping the infrared heat from the sun in the atmosphere.

We can also refer to Global Warming as the rise in global temperatures due mainly to the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is just one aspect of climate change. Climate change is referred to the increasing changes in the measures of climate over a long period of time – including precipitation, temperature, and wind patterns.

Natural Causes of Global Warming

There is significant evidence that the planet’s weather and climate patterns are changing rapidly as a direct result of

  • Droughts
  • Receding glaciers and ice caps
  • Extreme storms
  • Rises in ocean temperatures and sea levels
  • Shifts in the distribution of organisms and diseases

Many people are thinking that human activities are significant contributing causes of global warming. As of this year, compelling scientific evidence has come to light to quantify this issue. The rate at which Carbon Dioxide is being absorbed by the world’s oceans has now depreciated significantly.

Effects of Global Warming

This is because oceans are now overloaded with Carbon Dioxide. From this point forward, more and more of the Carbon Dioxide output will go straight into the atmosphere, adding to global warming. A warming atmosphere and seas make for loads of extra energy available for the creation of abnormal weather patterns.

Around the world, various data have shown an increase in the severity of storms, droughts, rainfall, and floods. The disastrous hurricane season of 2005 was just one indication of how synergistic weather is with sea-level rise, resulting in loss of wetlands, social issues, and the ability of governments to respond.

3 storms strengthened to category 5 in the Atlantic Basin for the first time in a single season (Katrina, Rita, and Wilma). An unprecedented 27 named tropical storms formed, according to NOAA, and more than half of them became hurricanes.

The Arctic is receding very quickly (as a direct result of Global Warming) according to reports from scientists and arctic natives. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was released in late 2004 and shows changes from the ice at the North Pole to animals and human settlements. More recent reports from Greenland reveal glaciers moving meters per hour and rapidly thinning.

The Arctic ice cap is shrinking in summer to the smallest it has ever been in modern measurements, and even winter cold has not been refreezing it as much as before. Basically, there’s a rise in overall sea level going on, coupled with an increase in violent weather, so coastal areas will get hit very hard from now on.

Other Major Causes of Global Warming Include

  • Deforestation: Increasing demand for meat and dairy cattle has lead to the creation of feedlots in otherwise forested areas. Logging for wood and paper and clearing for crop production also requires trees to be cut, sometimes illegally.
Effects of Global Warming

A mature tree absorbs as much as 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide each year, and by one estimate, 3.5 to 7 billion are cut every year. According to Scientific American, deforestation is responsible for 15 percent of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

  • Industrial Activity: Back in the days of industrial revolution, human being have been burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum for energy, which has been releasing Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Quarter of this activity is for heat and electricity, while another quarter is for other industrial processes and transportation, which includes gasoline- or diesel-powered cars, trucks, trains and airplanes.
Effects of Global Warming

The other half of the energy is used for various other purposes, including agriculture, cement production and oil and gas production. These processes also release other greenhouse gases, such as methane and CFCs, although the concentration of CFCs has declined since their use was banned in the 1980s.

  • Sun’s Intensity Variations: The Earth receives its warmth from the sun, so it’s reasonable to suspect that our home star may be one of the reasons for global warming. Although the amount of energy coming from the sun does vary and may have been responsible for warming in the past.
Effects of Global Warming

However, NASA and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have ruled this out as a cause of the current warming trend. The average energy coming from the sun generally has remained constant since 1750, and the warming does not occur uniformly throughout the atmosphere. The upper layer is actually cooling as the bottom layer becomes warmer. and much more

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In effect, we can now expect all previous climate change models to be obsolete. Rather like a movie straight out of Hollywood, you can imagine a scientist trying to explain to the president how a slowing in the rate of Carbon Dioxide absorption by the world’s oceans translates directly into increased Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and that

“We are now expecting a 2 degree rise in global temperatures in the next 10 years rather than the 50 years previously estimated Mr President.”

Or for you gas-guzzling Americans: Forget any major coastal cities, Mr President. I would also suggest that New Orleans will not need re-development or more capital expense. I foresee that a further category 4 or above hurricane will destroy any Levy’s around the coastal areas. Substantial sea rises will prevent any attempts to protect these areas.

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