“You’re Here Because You Know Something”


There’s an iconic scene in The Matrix in which Neo, a hacker, is given a choice: Take the blue pill and return to life as he’s always known it—a life that may ultimately be an illusion, but one that is at least familiar, predictable. Or take the red pill and learn the world-shattering truth about The Matrix.

Strong Towns is a red-pill organization. Through our content, advocacy, and community building, we try to expose the fallacies of the Growth Ponzi Scheme. The Growth Ponzi Scheme is ubiquitous in North America; like the Matrix in the movie, it is the air our cities breathe. The problem is that the Growth Ponzi Scheme is also enslaving our cities; instead of growth serving us, we end up serving growth. The Growth Ponzi Scheme is also bankrupting our cities. And it is standing in the way of the real work that must be done, the work of building stronger, more resilient, and more truly prosperous places.

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